Saturday, January 14, 2012

The first real snow!

Sosini was SO excited that Chicagoland finally experienced a significant snowfall this winter!

We had to get her a new winter coat, because her awesome pink hand-me-down coat from Charbunkle was getting too tight.  Sonia is now wearing 3T in all types of clothing except for her snow pants-- for some reason, the 2T size still fits her.  Yay!!  That's two winters now that she has worn them.

Speaking of snow pants, I finally own a pair-- for the first time since elementary school!  I also bought myself some warm skiing gloves and a ridiculously toasty fur hat with ear flaps.  Now I can stay outside in the cold with The Great Sosini as long as she wants.  I swear, she must be part Eskimo because girlfriend can stay out in sub-freezing temperatures for hours at a time.

Today, I bought a better sled for Sonia.  The saucer sled we got last year fits her just fine, but she always wants us to pull her, so we had to find one with a rope attached.  Sledding pictures to come!

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