Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Road trip!

This past week, The Great Sosini and I once again embarked on a road trip from Chicago to Nashville.  The drive from my house to my sister's house can be made in about 7 hours with no stops, but that is obviously not possible with a toddler in tow.  Still, Sosi and I were able to do the drive in about 9 hours.  It was a bit of a whirlwind trip-- we drove down to TN on Thursday and drove back to IL on Sunday-- but tons of fun nonetheless!

My sister and I have an unspoken rule when it comes to blogging about our visits: she who blogs first gets to share the cutest pictures.  Niki beat me to the blogging punch here, here, and here.  But I still wanted to post some pictures here on my blog, too!  Here are the rest of the post-worthy pictures:

I have big plans to sneak into my sister's house some night and catnap Rocky Cat....  He is SO HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonia thought seeing a full-size steam engine up close was quite possibly the best part of the entire trip.

Speaking of handsome....  I love my adorable little nephew!!!

Charlotte, you are way too cute.


Sonia was already a huge Uncle Corey fan, but when he created an exciting adventure on which to send our little super kids, he reached official rock star status.  Also, I am still blown away by the amazing capes that my sister sewed out of fabric she already had on hand.  Sosini loves her creative aunt and uncle!!

Loving the hand-drawn map of the 1st floor of the house!  We had to take the map home with us because Sonia was obsessed with it.

Thank you for such a fun visit, Niki, Corey, Charlotte, and Peter!  We love you so much!!

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