Friday, February 17, 2012

More fun from Grandma JoJo's visit

Wednesday was an eventful day....  Preschool in the morning, lunch at home, Sosini's third-ever haircut, and the Great Balloon Tragedy of 2012.

First, Sonia hopped in the car and got the back of her hair trimmed so the sides could play a little catch-up.

Miss Kateri does such a nice job!

And Sonia's hair is finally ready for some bangs!  This picture was taken at an odd angle-- her bangs don't really start that far back on her head.

Sosini and Grandma JoJo had a fun time playing with Duplos until they lost a few under the couch.  Watching the two of them fish the legos out with a Swiffer and a Lightning McQueen flashlight was kind of like watching two of the Three Stooges in action.  Note the red ribbon dangling behind Sonia....

That brings us to the Great Balloon Tragedy of 2012.  On a day when a toddler refuses to nap, events such as your cat (Bobo, of course) chewing through the ribbon attached to your prized shiny red heart-shaped mylar balloon (causing it to float to the really high ceiling in the family room) seem awfully traumatic to said toddler.

Sonia cried off and on (mostly ON) for almost a half hour after Bobo broke her heart (well, I guess it was just a string attached to her heart).

My mom and I both tried to reach the balloon using our tallest ladder, but we are too short.  Tall Daddy to the rescue!

Oh, Sonia.  You are such a cuckoo bird.

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