Thursday, May 10, 2012

Grandma JoJo & Grandpa Spike's visit, part II

My father thrilled my daughter to no end with his unending patience in playing pretend with her cars....  And because of my wacko father, Sonia now sometimes calls Lightning McQueen "Thunderstorm McClaskey" and then laughs uproariously.

My mother and I spent an entire evening dipping and decorating robot cake pops for Sonia's birthday (they are currently in chryo-stasis in the freezer, awaiting the big day). Decorating 48 cake pops took my mom and me 2 solid hours to complete.... but the look on Sonia's face when she saw her robot army the next morning made it all worth it!

Sonia was being such a ham all week....  One afternoon, when we were playing in the garage (it was a warm but blustery day outside), she asked us to take her picture at least 52 times.

Hover kid!

Sonia and I took Grandma JoJo and Grandpa Spike in to the city to visit one of our favorite places: the Shedd Aquarium!  We love this statue/fountain out front....

Sonia loved watching the otters, posing with and petting this otter statue, and snuggling with the stuffed otter that I just HAD to buy her.

This sea turtle statue is always a big hit!

This is the BEST picture of Grandpa Spike and his little smudge pot!  (I have no idea where he came up with that affectionate nickname for Sonia, but it cracks me up.)

Too bad that dumb blue canopy is kind of mucking up this otherwise lovely picture.

When my mom and I picked up Sonia from preschool on one of the days, we arrived early enough to see her class parading back from the gymnasium with their stick horses.  EPIC CUTENESS!!!  Too bad we didn't have a camera ready to get a picture of that....  But here's our little horsewoman with her horse named "Queen":

Wagon wash!  Sonia thought this was a complete blast.  I definitely need to bust out this activity again during the long hot summer ahead.....

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