Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More from Texas

This is the second-to-last post from our Texas trip-- I promise!

On Sunday morning, we went to a local elementary school's playground and had a lot of fun playing with Uncle Jordan's discs.  I love this picture that my mom accidentally took when she leaned on the camera.

Grandma JoJo and her first grandchild!

Here's a semi-long video of Uncle Jordan playing with his nieces and nephew.  They worship the ground he walks on!

More attempts at group pictures.....

Why do we even try to take posed pictures with these nutter butter children?!?  The candid pictures are much easier.  I love this one of Sosini and her Uncle Jordan:

But, then again, we sometimes get cute ones like this one of Petey and his beloved mama:

Oh, Charbunkle.  You are too darn cute!!!

Bestest buddies!!!


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