Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sonia and her great-grandparents

Sonia and I just spent a week in Texas at Grandma JoJo and Grandpa Spike's house (yes, we have gotten to see a lot of them lately!), and lemmetellyou, we had an awesome time.  Sonia got to hang out with her maternal grandparents, one set of great-grandparents, her uncle, her aunt, and her cousins.  She also got to have a brief visit with her paternal grandparents, another aunt & uncle, and another cousin.  Confused?  Well, let me start with the great-grandparents.

My mom and her parents (Meem and Pop, who had been in Texas for a few days already) picked Sonia and me up from the airport.  Of course, we jumped in my parents' swimming pool before we even unpacked.  Sonia is such a little fish!!

After we dried off, my mom entertained Sonia while my grandpa chilled on the couch.

Later, four generations of Williams/Scott/Evans/Malahowski women baked cookies together.  I was behind the camera for this picture, of course.

More pool antics!  Pop helped inflate the doughnut pool float while Sonia goofed off.

Ahhhhh....  This is the life....

After the fishy got sufficiently water-logged, she started bringing all of the pool toys over to Meem and Pop (who were sitting in the shade about 15 feet away), one by one.  Sosini thought that was a great game!

I had been happily floating around in the giant doughnut, but when she ran out of toys, Sonia demanded that I get out of the pool and hand over the doughnut so she could present it to Meem.

Sonia really loved hanging around with Meem and Pop. It's not surprising, really.... these two people have been charming their grandchildren (and now their great-grandchildren) for almost 35 years.  

....and then, Uncle Jordan arrived.  To be continued!

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