Monday, May 28, 2012

Sonia and her uncle, aunt, and cousins

On Friday, family members kept popping out of the woodwork.  First, Sosini's Uncle Jordan arrived from Seattle.

Then, Andrew flew in to join us for the weekend.

Just before dinnertime, Sosini's Aunt Niki and cousins Charlotte & Peter pulled up in the Big Red Van.  As usual, hilarity and mayhem ensued.

That night, after the chitlins were put to bed, we busted out the insanely awesome carrot cake (made using the same recipe as the carrot cake I made for my mom's birthday last month) and wished my bro a happy birthday.  I love this picture of him cheesin' it up while we sang Happy Birthday:

The next morning, while Jordan, Andrew, and my dad were disc golfing, we played outside.  Somehow, I failed to take a picture of Charlotte.

Post-swimming ice cream cones...  YUM!!!

We attempted some group pictures of the kids and the great-grandparents....  It's just not a family picture unless some kid is crying (or at least giving a stink-eye).

That night, Andrew, Sonia, and I ditched the Evanses and helped Andrew's lovely sister, Ali, celebrate her birthday.  Unfortunately, I failed to get any pictures of the occasion, which is quite a tragedy because we had a great time!  Sonia's cousin, Nicholas, was in the most hilarious mood and kept us in stitches the whole evening.  That handsome little dude is a crack-up!  We can't wait to come back to Texas and spend more time with Andrew's sis's family and his parents.

More pictures to come....

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