Friday, December 14, 2012

Santa Success!!!!!

My new favorite place to get Santa pictures taken with my child is Bass Pro Shop.  Why?

- It's cheap!  Actually, it's free if you don't want anything other than a 4"x6" print, but I paid $10 for a digital copy.  You can also take your own pictures on your own camera, but for some reason I chickened out and didn't do it.

- It's fun! BPS has lots of free entertainment for the kids including a carousel, huge fish tanks, remote controlled cars to drive, and lots of ATVs to play on.

- It's a really fun store to wander around... even if you have very little interest in the activities in which BPS's typical customer engages.  I almost bought a really cute shirt.

- They sell really yummy snacks there!  Fudge, popcorn, etc.  Mmmmmm....

I told Sosini that she could forgo the lapsit and stand next to Santa this year, and she was more than happy with this arrangement.  She marched right up to Santa, told him that she wanted some stuffed Muppets for Christmas, and then posed for a picture.  The Bass Pro Shop Santa was so nice, and Sosi's smile was only slightly forced (it reminds me a bit of her school picture).  Behold:

Sonia's gorgeous dress was a gift from Andrew's incredibly awesome Aunt Anita and Uncle Bob...  Thank you a million times over, Anita and Bob!

Here's a look back at past Sonia & Santa pictures....  I feel the worst about making her sit on his lap in 2011.  Why didn't it occur to me to have her stand next to him?

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Alicia Marshall said...

That is the sweetest Santa pic! What a big girl.