Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy birthday to Sosi's Grandpa Spike!

You love puns, you have many silly sayings, and you sang goofy songs to me while I was growing up. You're also the best baby butt bumper I know. In short, you're a great dad, and a fabulous grandpa. Happy birthday to you!


Joslyne said...

What is a baby butt bumper? Happy b-day to Grandpa Spike!

ErinM said...

That's my dad's special form of baby-soothing.... He basically smacks the baby;s butt very gently in a steady rhythm. Dr. Harvey Karp should add that to his list of ways to soothe an unhappy baby!

Niki said...

The only way we made it through CJ's first year was baby butt bumping and the "panther on a branch" method of carrying her around when she was fussy.

Dad just opened his atlas and is tickled pink!