Wednesday, July 8, 2009

With apologies to all non-Star Trek fans....

How is Sonia Marie Malahowski like the Borg? Andrew and I have to constantly vary our weapons against her (well, not against her, but her fussiness). To be fair, our gorgeous little girl has very few fussy periods per day-- seriously, I think it might be only once or twice a day that I think, "Gee, she's being fussy!". But, she gets fussy nonetheless, and we have to calm her. One day, the swaddle will work. The next day, it has to be the swaddle, one of our thumbs in her mouth, and standing in the darkened bathroom with the fan running. The next day, she has to be held against your chest with your thumb in her mouth. The glider in the nursery works sometime, but other times, it doesn't. Just like the Borg, Sonia ADAPTS.

The Enterprise constantly had to vary its phaser settings and shield harmonics to hold off the Borg long enough to either escape or somehow win the battle (and avoid being assimilated into the Borg Collective).

Resistance is futile, Mr. Duck! You will be assimilated into the Fussbudget Collective!


JLo said...

While browsing the Costco flyer last night, I noticed there is a formula for 'fussiness'. Somehow I think that is taking the fight against fussiness too far!

Joslyne said...

I soooo love this post! High-larious! I hope you will keep adding updates!