Friday, July 24, 2009

A sprinkly Thursday afternoon walk at the Morton Arboretum

Sosi and I went to the arboretum again with our buddies, the Murrays, yesterday. We had such a blast! Even though it rained a wee bit on us while we were walking to Zach's tree, once we got there, the tree provided cover for our little band of wanderers (don't worry-- there was no danger of lightning!). Then, it stopped raining altogether and we set off for a walk around Lake Marmo. Unfortunately, my faulty (some say it's actually absent) internal compass led us astray, but luckily, Carol was paying closer attention and guided us successfully back to our cars! I should probably make sure that a map of the arboretum is always in my diaper bag for future forays....

Good idea to set the auto timer on the camera, Carolean!

Sophie and Aidan hugging Zach's tree

Carol hauled Sonia and Kieran up this hill with no problems.... She said that the stroller seemed extra-light with Sonia as Kieran's co-passenger instead of either Sophie or Aidan.

Sophie, you look as pretty as a picture!

Isn't my godson, Kieran, such a handsome little dude?!?

Look at those chubby cheeks on Sonia! I am no longer worried about her weight gain. :)

Aidan is one tough guy with his ND football.

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Emily said...

Erin, your blog is so cute - I got to it from facebook, of course! Still hanging out with Carol Conrad - how fun :) I see your friends with some "Stringers" - reminds me of my childhood in Michigan, our fav librarian was a Mrs. Stringer :) Sonia is beautiful! Happy summer!
Emma!! (Teeter)