Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More from our Arizona trip -- Daddy time!

Sonia snoozed during the entire flight to Phoenix. Good girl!!!

My mom was able to snap this picture of Sosi smiling while my dad was holding her. Sosi was smiling at Andrew, of course! She saves all of her best smiles for her handsome daddy. Wouldn't you do the same if you had the Drew-Dawg as your pops?

During the party, Andrew fed Sonia one of her rare bottles of formula before she spat a bunch of it right back up.... Poor Sosi is just not used to how fast the liquid comes out of a bottle as opposed to when she nurses! She thinks formula is quite tasty, though.

Andrew took Sonia on her first swinging experience while we were in AZ. Niki and Charlotte provided some much-needed moral support!

We had such a fun time in Arizona that it was quite heart-breaking to come home to a partially flooded basement. More on that nightmare later.


Niki said...

Forget that little baby swing Sosi has - you need an automatic full-size swing set for her. That would be awesome. Imagine how nice it would be for when she gets older...

Joslyne said...

The baby Sosi smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cutest thing EVER!