Sunday, September 20, 2009


Sonia is so lucky to have 2 1/2 cousins! (The 1/2 is for little Peter-in-the-belly who is due to be born in mid-December.) Even though Nicholas (Andrew's sister's son) is only 4 weeks old, he and Sosi have already shared clothes with each other. We love these fabulous Little Stomper pajamas....

Sonia in May 2009 (1 week old):

Nicholas in September 2009 (3 weeks old):

Because they aren't the same gender, Nicholas and Sonia won't have too many more chances to share outfits, but Sonia will probably be a recipient of hand-me-downs from Charlotte for many years to come. Charbunkle has already shared a lot of clothes with The Great Sosini (thank you so much, Niki and Corey!). These overalls are just one example.

Charlotte in June 2008 (2 1/2 months old):

Sonia in August 2009 (3 months old):

Charlotte and Sonia are genetically like half-sisters, so they are starting to look a bit similar, too. Check out their cheeks! You might notice that in these two pictures, both girls are wearing brown with pink polka dots, but they aren't the same outfits.

Charlotte in July 2008 (4 months old):

Sonia in August 2009 (3 1/2 months old):


Joslyne said...

Awwww! Sooooo cute! Cousins are the best!

Dan and Alicia said...

I remember a certain mom's response when I offered her some of FC's baby outfits. "Oh, we don't do used clothes." I wasn't offended. I just said, "Well, we sure do!" Loved getting them and love giving them. Just yesterday I saw FC's old down vest in Sarah's hall closet. WIn-win, in my book. Love seeing sweet little Sonia enjoying CJ's cutie-pie clothes!

ErinM said...

That certain mom better not have been Niki!!! :) We grew up giving our hand-me-downs to our cousin, Lindsay, and we wore hand-me-downs from one of our babysitters at one point in our lives. Those hand-me-downs were hands down (HA!) my favorite clothes to wear.

Ever since I found out I was pregnant with a girl, I buy clothes for Charlotte with the hope that they might make their way back to me!

Dan and Alicia said...

Of course it wasn't Niki!!!!