Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sosi meets her godparents

Sonia got to meet her godparents, Mike Gonzalez and Emily Buser-Gonzalez, this weekend! They drove over to Lisle for a quick visit after they went to the ND football home opening game (versus UNR). Sosi and Emily had some fun this morning practicing cheering on the Irish.... I whipped out the Flip video camera and caught this dangerously cute video:

We then ran to Uncle Julio's Hacienda for a quick brunch before John Ely (who was visiting us this weekend) had to fly home to Florida. Unfortunately, I don't think we got one picture of Ely! But we did get a picture of Gonzo introducing his goddaughter to TexMex.

Did Sonia have a smelly diaper?


JLo said...

That is a super cute outfit she has on!

Auntie Niki said...

Sonia is definitely an Irish fan! Or just an Emily fan. Good thing Gonzo is ensuring an early start to Tex-Mex love in that child. Auntie Niki approves!!