Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mad skills!

Sonia finally agreed to show off her new rolling over skills for the Flip video camera. She only rolls over about once or twice a day so far, but she thinks it's hilarious every time! Margie Cat makes an appearance, of course, showing off her booty to the camera. Oh, Marge....

Speaking of Margie and mad skills, I also managed to capture a short video of the cats wrestling. No worries-- it's definitely just playing-- two minutes after I took this video, they were licking each other and acting like the best of friends.

In other news, Sonia will be trying rice cereal for the first time today. Gotta go get the duckie bath tub ready for the aftermath!

Also, Shakey the Octopus has suddenly and unexpectedly lost his mojo; he no longer makes her smile! She saves all of her smiles for people-- especially ones who make really silly faces and noises at her.

1 comment:

Joslyne said...

The kid is a GENIUS!!!!!! Go Sosi go!!! And . . . your cats kinda scare me . . .;)