Thursday, September 10, 2009

Venus in blue jeans

These jeans (a gift from my buddy, Renata) look so hilariously cute on Sosi! Thanks to her round little belly, these 6-9 month sized jeans fit her pretty well. As my Aunt Toni says, Sonia's a chubber-chunker!

Sonia has cracking us up a lot lately.... She has started "talking" to us, and she likes to do a lot of her talking practice while I'm on the phone. What a silly goose! I'll try to get a video of it this weekend and post it, because Sonia "talking" is pretty darn funny.

Sonia's four month well-baby visit is on Monday.... We've been working a ton on Sonia's neck strength this week to make sure that the doctor will give us the green light to start her on cereal. I'm dying to know how long she is now, too. She is long enough that I'm starting to put her in 6 month pajamas. Yesterday, I took Sonia to meet the one month old daughter of my ND Band buddy, Sandra; next to cute little baby Valerie, Sonia seemed like a moose!


Niki said...

She's like a well-dressed Buddha! A very cute one, of course.

JLo said...

Ah the joys of baby clothes sizing! Well done Sosi!

Joslyne said...

Forever in blue jeans!!! LOVE Sosi in jeans. :)