Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let the baby-proofing begin!

This week, Sonia figured out how to crawl forward (slowly, but still forward!), pull herself up to her knees, push herself up on her feet while her hands are on her toy bin (which is about a foot high), and open the kitchen cabinets. Sonia learned how to crawl a little on the late side, but I do appreciate we didn't have to worry about baby-proofing as early as a lot of parents! Bobo and Margie have also had it pretty good, too.... Just this morning, Sonia realized that she can now go after the cats, and our felines are too dumb to realize that they should stay out of harm's way, so I witnessed several tail-pulling incidents.

So, it's time to figure out which baby gates will work best with our house (and with our cats), think of some way to keep her out of the kitchen cabinets without ruining them, and put away all of the breakable items that are within the grasp of her chubby little hands.

I will say, however, that Sonia crawling is pretty darn cute. And, I love to watch her discovering new things, even if they might not make the best baby toys ("Boy, that crock pot I found in this cabinet looks like a lot of fun!"). Here's a video of Sosini on her first day of crawling (Monday).... I took a cue from my friend, Carrie, and used the remote control to be a lure. Sosi has improved her crawling a bit since then, so I'll try to take another video to show her progress.

Another fun development is that Sonia is now taking more interest in her books. Before, they just looked like good chew toys to her. Now they look like good chew toys that have pages and pages of cool pictures! I think it looks like she's reading to her stuffed animals in this picture:

Oh, Sonia. You are one goofy baby!


The Lease Family said...

hahahaha! The remote was exactly how Rose learned to crawl. Look at her go!

JLo said...

Ok this is embarrassing but we found a remote we didn't use and gave it to Catie as a toy! What is it with kids and remotes?!

Sosi is going to be walking before you know it, she is doing so well! I love watching her go!

JLo said...

Oh and Ikea does a great line of safety products.