Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nine Months Young: A State of the Baby Address

The Great Sosini will be NINE MONTHS OLD on Saturday! I'm writing her 9 month state of the baby address early because tomorrow, we're flying to California to see Sosi's Grandma Jojo and Grandpa Spike (my parents). And now for the state of the baby address:

Sonia is babbling more and more every day. It cracks us up! I love when she babbles while we're in the car-- it sounds like she's being a backseat driver. In the two pictures below, she was yelling something crazy to the kitties:

I'm convinced that a third tooth is ready to erupt, but I can't tell which one. Sosi is drooling more than usual and she's chomping on everything in sight with a fervor that reminds me of the time right before her other two teeth popped out. If you click on the picture below to maximize it, you can see her two little bottom teeth-- they are so sharp!!

Li'l Sosinini is not crawling forward quite yet. She gets in a perfect crawling position, but then she moves backwards or pushes sideways into a sitting position. Although she gets visibly frustrated because she can't go toward something right in front of her (be it a toy or, more often, a cat), she does seem to enjoy her new "mobility". It's fun watching on her video monitor when she wakes up because now she can move all over her crib and sit up to play for a while.

Sonia and I have been having so much fun during the last few months.... Between play dates, story time, Gymboree, and running errands, Sister Sue and I are always on the go. Although I try to make sure she has plenty of sleep during the day, her napping patterns have been erratic. Part of the reason is that she's showing signs of needing to reduce her number of daily naps from three to two. So, we're in the process of figuring that all out. Luckily, Sosi is a pretty happy baby even when she's tired, so she still manages to have more fun than the law should allow. Here's a picture from our lunch with the Olejniks yesterday-- Sonia absolutely loved watching Jacob and Audrey play!

Today, I took Sonia to her nine month well-baby checkup, and she is in the 95th percentile for weight (22 1/2 pounds) and height (29 inches). Whoa! But the doctor said (and I quote), "Sonia looks perfect." We love our baby beluga!!


The Lease Family said...

That third picture is one of my favorite so far. What a joy! She is going to be talking before you know it. What do you think her first word will be?

If she has the forward and sideways down she is going to be going forward soon. I betcha you will turn your back a day or so from now and suddenly she will be across the room. :) Hows the baby proofing coming along?

29 inches? Oh my! Sounds like she is going to be tall like her daddy. Has she grown out of her carseat yet?

Happy 9 month birthday Sonia!

JLo said...

She is perfect!

ErinM said...

I totally think Sosi' first word is going to be Bobo. Every time Bobo Cat walks by, Andrew and I always greet him by name, so she hears it a ton. Plus, she loves her Bobo! She loves Margie Cat, too, but Margie is harder to say.

We still haven't really started baby proofing yet.... We need to think more about it STAT!

Her car seat is good until she's 30 pounds or 32 inches, so we might be needing to get a convertible carseat soon!

Joslyne said...

I am so jealous that you are going to see Grandma Jo and Grandpa Spike!! Sosi is going to have the best time EVER!!!!!! Take lots of pics!!!!

Carla said...

That last shot is so cute! Have a great time in CA.