Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sosi and K-Dub

I had THE best babysitting gig yesterday. I don't think you can really call it babysitting, though, if it's more like a play date crossed with an opportunity to spend some rare one-on-one time with my incredibly adorable godson, Kieran Murray. Yesterday, Kieran (whose middle name is William, so I have decided that I'm calling him K-Dub) came over at 11:45am, and Carol headed out a little before noon (she spent the afternoon at Aidan's school taking part in their "100th Day of School" celebration).

Let the fun commence!

After we spent a totally silly half hour or so playing (Sonia is simply fascinated by Kieran!), I put Kieran down for a nap in the pack & play up in a guest bedroom. After he protested for about 30 seconds, he drifted happily off to snooze land. I put Sonia down about 10 minutes later (she did not go softly into that good nap-- the poor thing has not been napping well lately!), and at 12:35pm, I headed downstairs to put together a tuna casserole for dinner.

At 1:30pm, with dinner chilling in the fridge, all bottles washed, and no pressing chores, I decided to take advantage of Sonia's longest nap in days and lay down to shut my eyes. I was convinced that the second I drifted off to sleep, one or both of the kids would wake up. NOPE! I woke with a start AN HOUR LATER! Woo hoo!!!! Kieran woke up about 2:45 (2 1/2 hour nap-- not bad, kid!), and shockingly, Sonia was still asleep. I ran upstairs to grab Kieran and he and I proceeded to spend a really fun 45 minutes playing by ourselves. How handsome is this little dude?!?

Sonia woke up at 3:30, and Kieran and I went to greet Sleeping Beauty. I still can't believe she slept for 3 hours!!!! That might be her longest nap ever. Carol, Aidan, and Sophie showed up at our house about 4pm when I was finishing up feeding Sonia a bottle and being entertained by The Kieran Show, and then we all got to play together for a while. Plus, Carol brought me leftover chocolate chip cookie bars. I'm telling you, it was the best afternoon ever!

I told Carol that Kieran can come over any afternoon he wants to share his napping mojo with The Great Sosini (and me!).


JLo said...

I'll be bringing my chunky monkey over too I think!

The Lease Family said...

Yay for naps! Especially when you can get one too. You have the cutest godson! They look like they had a blast together.

Niki said...

Good lord he is one handsome little dude. I'll babysit him any time!! Too bad Tennessee is a little far away.