Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More pictures from California

I just can't pass up posting some more of the pictures we took during our trip.... Sonia was being such a funny little girl! I also realized that I forgot to mention that Andrew and I were able to go out to dinner and a movie (we ate at the Marmalade Cafe and saw "Up in the Air") on Saturday night while Grandma Jojo and Grandpa Spike took care of The Great Sosini. They fed her a bottle, played with her a bit, and put her to bed (she drifted off to snooze-land with no complaints). Then, when Andrew and I got home, Sosi woke up and started fussing (probably teething pains-- we have confirmation now that tooth #3, the left top front tooth, is making its debut). Sure, be good for the grandparents and save all of your orneriness for your mommy & daddy. Nice move, kid!

As usual, Sonia ended up in a basket/box/container. She thinks Grandpa Spike's mustache is very funny.

We were having fun playing dress up with Sonia when she decided it was time for a nap (hence the sad face). My mom and I think this picture looks like it was taken while she was out for a ride in a glamorous convertible, but the convertible must have broken down....

Andrew and I look a wee bit tired in this picture, but The Great Sosini, as usual, is ready to party!

Those are some sexy gams you got there, baby....

More sadness (she was baffled by my dad's hat and sunglasses-- the poor little baby thought a stranger was trying to get all up in her grill!), but her pouty little bottom lip makes me giggle!

Glamorous baby! I think she's wondering where the pool boy is with her drink (which would have a little umbrella in it, I'm sure).

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Ali said...

Oh, the sunglasses are PRICELESS! Add a turban and cigarette holder and she'll look like an Auntie Mame-esque wackdoo broad.

Wittle pouty lip! Awwww, Sosini!!