Sunday, June 13, 2010

13 months old: a state of the baby address

The Great Sosini is another month older, another month wiser, and another month closer to figuring out how to drive herself and her friends to the mall with Mama's car and credit card! This child is such a fun shopping and dining partner.... The smiles she refuses to yield when she is suffering from stranger danger with friends and relatives are relinquished when she sees a stranger waving to her from another booth or from behind a cash register. It's so unfair. I was so sad when, in Texas, Sonia smiled maybe once when she was meeting her grandmother's friends. Then, when we got on the airplane to come home, and she flirted with the male flight attendant serving drinks. ACK!

Speaking of being social, Sonia and I continue to be very busy hanging out with friends and exploring the cool activities available to us in the western suburbs of Chicago. Sosini and her buddies all still love to give each other eye exams, drink each others' sippy cups, and steal each others' food (keeping us moms on constant "no no!" alert). I accidentally caught her in the act the other day:

Poor Sami! She was fine afterward, and I dove into the fray to stop the naughtiness. Oh, Sonia.

Sosinini (whose hair is getting thicker every day) is addicted to ascending and descending stairs, climbing in and out of things, and pushing everything that isn't nailed down while practicing her walking skills. Our kitchen chairs end up in odd places. Sara and Sonia had fun pushing the wagon around the grassy knoll the other day:

Sosi also loves to push empty strollers around-- Sami's umbrella stroller is a favorite of Sosi's!

Oh, child. You are such a cuckoo bird.

After we got home from Texas, Andrew and I decided we needed to take Sonia on a little family adventure, so we took her to Monkey Joe's yesterday. Sosini enjoyed showing off for Daddy!

I love my crazy baby!

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JLo said...

Her hair really is coming in thick and fast!