Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sosi and her friends

Sonia is cultivating quite a wonderful circle of friends! Yesterday, she saw a bunch of them when we played at Spring Lake Park in Aurora and wished her buddy, Samantha, a very happy first birthday. Taking these baby group shots is always challenging-- and entertaining!

Last week, we met up with a few of her buddies to have a very bug-filled picnic lunch at Zach's tree. Doing baby group shots with the babies in their strollers worked out pretty well, actually!

Maritza took these super-cute pictures of Sara and Sosini at the park yesterday....

I love seeing Sonia interact with her friends! Granted, it takes vigilance to prevent the babies from smacking and poking each other too much, but it's fun nonetheless.


In other Sonia news:

WE ARE BOTTLE-FREE! Sonia had her last bottle well over a week ago, and she doesn't seem to miss them at all. I worry constantly about her fluid intake, though, so I'm always shoving a sippy cup at her. Luckily, she seems to have realized that when she feels thirsty, a big long slurp from her cup feels awfully good. Plus, she loves drinking out of her straw sippy cups!

Sosini is still having some sleep problems that we're 90% sure are due to cutting those pesky molars. Tooth #8 (her left bottom incisor) erupted while Niki and Peter were visiting, so hopefully her mouth will concentrate more on pushing the molars up and out.

And finally, I am ready to declare that Sonia is officially talking. She says "Mama" and "tickle tickle"-- you can tell where her priorities are! Tickling Sonia is definitely one of my great joys in life. She thought Auntie Niki was an awfully good tickler! Anyway, saying "Mama" and "tickle tickle" are, of course, slightly inconsistent, but I'm going to go ahead and write it in her baby book. Yay, Sosinini!


The Lease Family said...

Way to go on the talking Sonia! I love her choices on first words. I'm fairly certain Rose's first words are going to be Cat or Kitty. :)

JLo said...

Bottle free already, way to go! And talking too! Mama and tickle tickle - well those are about all the words a girl needs to know I think.