Saturday, June 19, 2010

The end of a busy week

Phwew-- Sonia and I had a busy, busy week! On Monday, she started off the week with a record 2 hour long nap; I'm sure she sensed that we had a lot of fun ahead of us and wanted to rest up. After a fun lunch (happy birthday to Maritza!), Maritza and I took Sosini and Sara to Costco. They have really cool double-wide carts there, so we strapped both girls in and watched mayhem ensue (in the form of poking, hair-pulling, hugging, kissing, and plenty of whining and goofing around). Witness:

A swim play date was rained out on Tuesday, so a few of us got together to let the kids play inside instead. But Wednesday and Thursday were so nice that we decided to take them swimming two days in a row! We took a group shot of the babies on the first day, but failed to do it the second day (darn!!).

On one of the days, Sara took her life in her own hands (Sonia's teeth are sharp!!) to feed Sosini some snacks. Maybe Sara will be a lion tamer if she decides to run away with the circus....

On Friday, we took Sonia and some of her buddies to story time, and Sonia (who hadn't slept well the night before) was so tired that during the post-story open play, all she wanted to do was sit next to me and lay her head in my lap while the other kids ran amok. We skipped a play date at Toni & Samantha's house (we are still so sad that we missed it!) so that Sonia could nap; of course, she then proceeded to take a short 1 hour 15 minute nap. We stayed home for nothing. ARGH!! Sonia salvaged the afternoon, though, by inviting Sara over to play.

To cap off the week, Sonia had a lovely morning with her babysitter while Andrew took me out to play my very first round of golf ever. I was so exhausted after 9 holes that I have absolutely no idea how anyone would ever have the stamina to play 18! While Andrew and I were gone, playing bad golf and losing balls in various lakes, marshes, and thin air, Sonia took a 1 hour 45 minute nap. WHY DON'T YOU DO THAT EVERY DAY, CUCKOO BIRD?!?!? Ohhhhhh, Sonia. Then, this evening, just before bedtime, Sonia decided to take another step closer to walking. We managed to capture it on this video:

Go, Sonia, GO!!!

Tomorrow, we're taking Andrew to the store to buy him a tie for Father's Day. No joke-- that's what he wants!

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Niki said...

I keep watching the walking video over and over again. She is just about to officially toddle!