Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Malahowski chicks in Texas

This past week, Sonia and I flew to the DFW area to return the visits that Andrew's parents and sister/bro-in-law/nephew paid us last month. We stayed at Ali, Daniel, & Nicholas's house, but we also got to see Grandma Jenni and Grandpa Dick. The visit was fun, but it was a bit tainted with exhaustion-- The Great Sosini had been sleeping badly for a week or so leading up to the trip, and her sleeping patterns didn't fare any better while she was away from home and out of her normal routine. We still managed to have a good time, though, and Sosi got in some good bonding time with her aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandparents.

I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked because A) it's hard to tear myself away from the fun to grab the camera, and B) for most of the time, Ali and I were alone with the babies (Daniel was away on business for 2 of the 3 days we were there). It's much easier to take pictures when the parenting coverage is zone rather than one-on-one. Ha! Anyway, here are a few of the pictures I managed to take....

Nicholas showed Sonia all of his favorite vantage points for keeping an eye on the neighborhood kids and cats-- Ali & Daniel's house has great low windows with awesome windowsills to lean on!

Nicholas is so fast when he zooms around in his walker thingy! Sonia never did figure out how to get very far in her Mini when it still had the seat in it. When she saw that Nicholas's walker moves, Sonia decided it looked like a fun push toy, and she would push it even when Nicholas was already in it! He would get a very confused look on his face when she pushed him around.

Sonia has been perfecting her stair ascending and descending skills, and in a house with no baby gates (Nicholas hasn't shown much interest in climbing the stairs yet), Sonia was in stair heaven! We spent a lot of time playing on the stairs....

We went swimming over at Jenni & Dick's house, and Sonia went just as nutty as she did the first time. I can't wait to see this kid in swim lessons!

Thanks for the hospitality and showing us a good time, Ali, Daniel, Nicholas, Jenni, and Dick!

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Ali said...

Soooo great to see you guys-- thanks again for making the trip! Love you both!!