Thursday, June 24, 2010

Best $20 I ever spent

Sonia loves her new toys from Ikea! She wanted a tent just like Charbunkle's, and when I saw the toy abacus, my inner accountant couldn't pass it up. We were just there for lunch with JLo and Kyle, but we got much more!

As usual, Marge just has to get in on the action. Baby gear looks like cat gear to her!

Uh oh, I think I hear a bear out there. I better check it out!

Nope, it's just Da Marge!

She's totaling up the receipt from Ikea to make sure they added correctly. Yep, fun toys really are that cheap sometimes!


Corey Stringer said...

The best toys are the ones that stimulate the imagation, which tend to be the cheaper toys.

Peter dropped a rattle two nights ago and instead played with a doorjam for 7 minutes. A DOORJAM! He ran his fingers across it and up and down, and then tried to grab it and then licked it and than slapped it. All the while, his expensive rattle sat unused on the floor beside him.

Those tents ROCK and that abacus looks like fun!

Niki said...

That tent is going to be mucho fun for years to come! I love that Margie is becoming Sonia's partner in crime.