Sunday, August 15, 2010

15 Months Old: a state of the baby address

Phwew-- These days, keeping up with Sonia's Energizer Bunny-like energy wears me out!

Sosini walks constantly, practicing her new fun skills. Occasionally, she takes a break to sit and read a book, but then she's up again, wandering in circles and toddling around in that cute "new walker" way. Crawling has become passe ever since she figured out a week ago how to reliably get to a standing position in the middle of the floor (without pulling up on anything). Yesterday, she happily toddled around outside of Jason's Deli (our new favorite eatery), showing off her cute outfit from Grandma Jenni & Grandpa Dick.

Sonia babbles and jibber-jabbers constantly, speaking in a language of her own invention. She is very adamant about everything she says, and if I can't understand what she's saying, it must be Mommy who has the problem.

I'm taking Sosi to her 15 month doctor's appointment tomorrow, so stats to follow.... Also, Sonia's Grandma JoJo has been here this week, and I have a million pictures and stories to post, chronicling our shenanigans. But I hear Sosini babbling over the baby monitor, apparently awake from her 75 minute nap (not bad for her!), so I'll have to post more later.

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