Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sonia loves her godparents!

When Sonia's godparents, Gonzo & Emily, visited a couple of weekends ago, we experienced another "first" with Sonia: watching her show off. We had never truly seen her act so hyper and silly in front of people other than me & Andrew. Perhaps it was because she had seen Gonzo & Emily pretty recently (in early July) and she remembered them, so they weren't total strangers? Whatever the reason, Sonia sure put on a great show. She did the same showing off act when she saw her Grandma JoJo right after Gonzo & Em's visit.... So funny!

Anyway, I unfortunately failed to get any cute pictures of Emily with Sonia (sorry!!!), but I did snap a few pictures of Gonzo & The Great Sosini. Sonia thought it was hilarious when Gonzo put on the tiger mask and climbed in the tent with her:

This picture cracks me up because it looks like Sosi is teaching Gonzo how to read....

Sonia loves her godparents! Thanks for coming to visit, Gonzo and Emily!

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