Thursday, August 26, 2010

Arboretum fun

Carol and I took the kids (minus Aidan, who just started first grade!!!) to the arboretum for lunch under Zach's tree today, and as usual, wackiness ensued.

Sonia and her fledgling walking skills were having trouble with the uneven terrain, so she gladly accepted a bit of help to stay vertical. Now that the heat/humidity seems to have calmed down a bit, it will be more pleasant to get outside and practice walking in nature more often.

Sonia really loves watching older kids play.... Sophie was cracking her up today!

I have the cutest godson on the planet. Kieran, you're adorable!

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Niki said...

CUTENESS!!! I hope we can get up to Illinois and hang out with the Murrays. Charlotte would WORSHIP Sophie and fall in love with handsome Mr. Kieran.