Monday, August 30, 2010

Watch out, DSW!

Sonia has recently become enamored with shoes. We'll be playing happily, reading books or whatever, when Sosini will catch sight of her shoes (silly Mommy for not putting them away)..... She toddles over, snatches up those precious objects, brings them to me, and begs me to put them on. Yesterday evening, she did the same thing with socks (which she hasn't worn hardly at all in months since it's summertime). Today, after I figure out when someone is coming to fix the leak in our den ceiling (!!!), Sosini and I are going shoe shopping to find some end-of-season sales on sandals because she's outgrowing hers. She'll be in heaven!

Sonia and Sami were both wearing their matching Target sandals last week at Blackberry Farm:

Sonia can't wait to go shopping with her Auntie Ems!

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