Sunday, August 15, 2010

Grandma JoJo's visit

We had such a great time when Sonia's Grandma JoJo (aka JoAnn, my mother) came to visit us this past week....

Sonia loved showing Grandma her igloo tent!

Sosi also taught JoJo some of her dance moves (which mostly consist of toddling around like a drunken sailor and falling on her booty).

Sonia kept us in stitches with her antics all week. She sang, smiled, jibber-jabbered, danced, squealed, guffawed, kissed (with a good smooching sound!), and generally spent the whole time showing off for her grandma. What a cuckoo bird!

Every time she did something silly, Sosini had to check to make sure her grandma was watching. One evening, while my mom was stirring dinner on the stove, Sonia was pretending to stir food in the pots in the lazy susan cabinet, and of course she had to see if Grandma noticed:

On Wednesday, we drove to Fort Wayne, IN to visit Mom's childhood (and adulthood) friend, Sue, and her husband, Greg. While they were playing together as children in South Bend, I wonder if they ever imagined they would one day be posing for a picture with their grandchildren perched on their laps....

That handsome little dude is Anthony (Sue's grandson), who is yet another potential future boyfriend for The Great Sosini. Sosi and Anthony got along great! What a couple of goofballs.

Sue's son, Kevin, is Anthony's daddy. He, his brother (Ryan), Niki, Jordan, and I were buddies while growing up-- we're hoping that our kids will be buddies, too!

When we stopped for lunch at Steak 'n Shake on our way through Indiana, Sonia loved wearing the cool hat they gave her. I decided she needed to wear her sunglasses, too, to complete the look.

Thank you so much for visiting, Mom! We love you!

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Joslyne said...

Dude, Grandma Jojo can ROCK a tutu! LOVE IT!