Sunday, February 13, 2011

21 months old: a state of the baby address

21 months.... We're so proud of our crazy little girl! Sonia is learning her words at lightening speed, and the newest development is that during the last few days, she has started stringing those words together. Sentences are just around the corner! The downside is that she knows she's able to communicate, but she doesn't realize that her pronunciation skills are a bit lacking at times. So, Sonia and I both get a bit frustrated when I can't understand what she's asking for.

It's funny to hear how she pronounces some words:

- feet sounds like "wheat"

- open sounds like "apoo"

- robot sounds like "ooh-bok"

- strawberry sounds like "taw-bree" (a bit British, if you ask me!)

Sonia is getting a teeny bit better in the sleep department, but 11 total hours of sleep per day (including her nap) is about all we can ever count on. We have tried just about everything to get this child to sleep more, and we're going to just have to accept that The Great Sosini is not a champion sleeper.

Sosini IS a champion goofball, though! I love this video:

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