Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dinner with "Emmy"

This past weekend, Sonia's future shoe shopping partner in crime, Emily, made the trek out to Lisle to have dinner with us. After an initial attack of shyness (which lasted about 5 minutes), Sonia went BONKERS showing off for Em. Girlfriend was running around in circles, giggling, jumping, smiling, and generally acting like a cuckoo bird.

Sonia happily posed while Emily took a quick picture of the wacko kiddo.

Oh, the draw of the iPhone.... Sonia just can't resist....

Sonia climbed into the glider and read "The Rats Who Lived in the Delicatessen" to us.

Then, Sonia gave us a fashion show by jamming a too-small hat on her head. Emily helped show Sosini the most flattering poses to strike when the paparazzi attack.

I know Sonia has a dumb expression on her face in this picture, but Emily looks so darn good that I had to include it anyway.

Sonia had a hard time pronouncing Emily's name, so Emily kindly let Sonia into the exclusive club (it's a small but elite group) of people who are allowed to call her "Emmy". Sosini was stingy with hugs and kisses until bedtime-- after Emily gave Sonia a hug and a smooch, we left the room.... then Sonia yelled out "Emmy!", asking for another goodnight kiss. She loves her Emmy!

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Niki said...

Emily!!! I'm not surprised Sonia took to her so easily because Emily is the BEST. She's a great Auntie Em.