Saturday, February 26, 2011

Road trip!

Inspired by my sister's amazing display of road trip skills (girlfriend has driven her two toddlers to visit me twice-- all by herself!), I decided it was high time for me & Sonia to take a road trip to Nashville and return the visits. After a ton of planning, The Great Sosini and I took off early last Sunday morning to drive the 520 miles from Chicago to Nashville. Sosi and I were able to make the drive in 9.5 hours with just three stops. During one of the stops, Sonia enjoyed running around a gorgeous Kentucky rest stop, making her naked baby doll dance on a bench:

Once we got there, the kids were so happy to see each other! Niki already chronicled a lot of the fun here on her blog, but I wanted to share a few more of the pictures on this blog.

Sonia was grateful to cousin Charlotte for teaching her how to eat her first solo ice cream cone!

Sosini LOVED running around in the backyard and going on adventures in the wide-open spaces. There's something a little Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth about these next two pictures:

Petey loves toddling around in the grass, too!

Sonia enjoyed playing with Charlotte's dollhouse, which hinges open like a book. She thought it was supposed to lay across her lap like a book, too. Goofball!

Charlotte and Peter had a blast showing Sonia their mall's playground....

Peter went down this little slide about 50 times in 15 minutes!

Peter and Sonia loved playing at Peekaboo Playtown (where Niki once spotted former model, Niki Taylor!) while Charlotte was at school.

We had such a great time during our visit! I think Sonia would have been happy staying in Nashville with her cousins forever. But her daddy would have missed her too much, so on Thursday, we packed up the car and headed back north. I am so happy that Sosini was such a good girl on both days of the drive! Thank you so much for the hospitality and showing us such a fun time, Niki, Charlotte, Peter, & Corey.... We love you!

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Niki said...

We miss you! Come baaaaaaaack! It was so neat to see our little herd running around. Considering how much we fought in high school, who would have ever pictured this scene?