Friday, February 4, 2011

Story time at the library

When The Great Sosini was 6 months old, I finally felt like I was ready to rejoin the world. I had pretty much hibernated and only left the house sporadically while I was figuring out this whole baby care business. One of the first things I did was start taking Sonia to story time at the library. She LOVED story time for many months-- especially her favorite librarian, Vicki.

After Sonia turned 1, we had to keep missing story time due to illness, travel, and napping transitions. By the middle of the summer, Sonia was suddenly clingy, whiny, and downright unhappy when we went to organized activities at the library (perhaps due to teething? I never knew.....). Then, I was devastated when I realized that starting in the fall, story time conflicted with our playgroup day. So, we only visited the library to play and check out books during the fall and the first part of winter.

This January, though, Vicki said that she thought Sonia would be mature enough to go to the story time for 2-3 year olds. I was skeptical, but this story time fit with our schedule-- plus, our good buddies, Max & Tracy and Ike & Emma, were going to participate as well. So, we tried it out. We've gone 4 times now, and Sonia loves it more and more each week. In fact, this week, Sonia got up the nerve to actually participate! When Miss Margie asked the kids to help point out a cat playing hide-and-seek on each page of a fun counting book, Sonia marched right up and started pointing out the "mow-mow". I was so excited that I ran and got the camera.

"Do you see the cat, Sonia?"

"Good job! You found the kitty cat!"

I'm so happy that Sonia is back at story time.... My mom took my siblings and me to the library all the time when we were growing up, and I am eternally grateful for my love of reading that she fostered by doing so. Sosini and I love to check out books (our current favorites are the llama books by Anna Dewdney and the dragon books by Dav Pilkey), visit the pet turtles, play with toys, and hang out with our friends. Thank you, Lisle Library, for being so awesome!

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