Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monkeys at the Zoo

This past weekend, we got to catch up with some of our favorite people in this whole world: Rhetta & Billy!  They moved away from Chicago about 6 years ago (I think), and while they have been away, both of our families have procreated and now have three little girls among us.  When we found out they were coming to Chicago for a wedding, we were so excited to get to spend a little time with them and meet their awesome daughters, Hannah (4 years old-- almost 5, in fact) and Sophie (2 1/2 years old).  Sonia had a typical bout of stranger-danger, but after an hour or two, she was starting to follow Hannah & Sophie around and imitating what they were doing (which we all know is the sincerest form of flattery with kids and adults alike!).

We met at the Green City Market for smoothies, and then we made our way into the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Unfortunately, the weather was REALLY hot and sticky, so we were all sweaty & gross.  But it was fun regardless!  Not many of my pictures turned out all that great, but I managed to get a few of our three monkeys hanging out with gorillas and chimps.

Those poor, sweaty little girls....  Even though they loved looking at the animals (and singing the "Alice the Camel" song), I think they were just as relieved as we were to escape to the nicely air conditioned cafe for lunch.

We miss you, Rhetta & Billy, and we love your totally adorable Hannah & Sophie!  Hopefully it won't be another 6 years before we get to see you again.

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Niki said...

What fun!! I'm so jealous -- those girls look like tons of fun. And it would be nice to see Rhetta and Billy someday. ; )