Saturday, December 5, 2009

Comfy overalls

Due to her rotund little belly, Sonia currently fits into 12 month pants in girth, but not in length. When she isn't wearing pajamas, she seems to enjoy one-piece rompers/jumpsuits and overalls. Denim overalls are extremely cute, but they don't seem wildly comfy when it comes to naptime. So, I was really excited when I found a pair of fleece overalls, and get this-- they have a CAT on them! Comfy, warm, and feline-themed.... how could they possibly get any better?

They could be some other color than WHITE!!!

Oh well. I'm prepared to use stain remover spray and bleach until the overalls fall apart in my hands (or until Sonia outgrows them!). These overalls are just that awesome.

Sosi seems to like them, too. Here's the budding maestro playing her piano while sporting her comfy overalls:

Hey, ice-skating snowman-- would you mind if I gave your leg a little nom-nom-nom?

1 comment:

Joslyne said...

Love the overalls. But love the baby in them even more!