Saturday, June 2, 2012

The last of the Texas pictures

The girls LOVED sitting on barstools and typing on Grandpa Spike's old laptop.

Little boy + fudgesicle +  truck = happiness!

Nutty girl!!!!

Sonia and Charlotte loved playing with the ultra-cool pop beads that Grandma JoJo bought for them at Target.  They provided hours of entertainment (and clean-up).

Peter thought horsing around with Uncle Jordan was the best part of the whole visit.

Before Uncle Jordan had to fly back to Seattle, we all went to Mellow Mushroom for pizza.  We got to sit in an old VW bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The kids went absolutely nutso.  I think the grown-ups enjoyed it just as much.

We had a hard time getting Peter to sit still because he wanted to run around the van and play with the gas tank door.....

AAAAAAAH!  Uncle Jordan's hand came out of the gas tank!

While Niki was doing her best to pry Peter away from his beloved VW bus, I took the girls outside to check out the bus through the window.

We had such a great time in Texas!  Sorry, again, for failing to get any pictures of Ali's birthday celebration (Dick, can you please pass your pictures along?)....  Thank you for putting up with having a houseful of wacko guests, Grandpa Spike and Grandma JoJo!  The amount of crumbs, fingerprints, potty accidents, tantrums, and general insanity may have been epic, but so was the amount of fun we had.  We love you all!

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