Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cousin convention June 2012, part 1

I have been a lazy blog poster and have a big backlog of fun pictures and stories....  So buckle up!

As you might have heard, my sister, her husband, and Sonia's beloved cousins (Charlotte & Peter) are in the midst of a move to Michigan.  After their house sold in just a couple of days (!!), my sister raced up to Michigan to do some quick house-hunting.  On the way, she stopped at our house and dropped off the kids so she could hunt a bit more efficiently.  My mother (Sonia, Charlotte, & Peter's beloved Grandma JoJo) flew up to help.  As always, hilarity ensued.

Niki left our house for Michigan early on Wednesday morning, and Peter-Pie & Charbunkle were having so much fun running around with Sosini that they didn't seem to notice.  Petey asked for Niki a couple of times, but it was half-hearted and he was easily distracted.  My mom and I got used to doing "assembly line parenting", lining up the kids and doing things like getting dressed, brushing teeth, and taking vitamins all at once.  The kids are so close in age (Charlotte is 14 months older than Sonia, and Sonia is 7 months older than Peter) that really, the three days without Niki were like one long play date.  On the first day, we had some nice weather to play outdoors.

Super Petey!!

Glamorous lady....

Super baseball-playing Petey!

Charlotte & Petey were totally enamored with Sonia's $10 tee-ball set from Target.

Scootering with the girls!

Sonia loved pulling the maharajah in the wagon.

Ice cream cones!  This picture cracks me up....  Sonia looks a bit pained, Peter is thanking the ice cream gods for such yumminess, and Charlotte is contemplating the flavor.

At bedtime, we did a group story time every night, which the kids seemed to love.

Bobo loved it, too!  Charlotte & Petey didn't get to see much of Bobo because he spent most of the time hiding, but he decided that the kids seemed tired enough that they wouldn't bug him while listening to Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale.

More to come....

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