Monday, July 2, 2012

Sprinkling Picasso

One hot day in mid-June, Sonia talked me into letting her paint.  I am a wimp about dealing with the mess that painting can create, so it's a rare treat for Sosi to paint at home.

I love this ladybug craft apron that my cousin, Cady Lane, handed down to Sonia!

As usual, it took me longer to set up the easel & paints than she actually spent painting.  ARGH!!!!  After creating her third masterpiece, she wandered over to where I was relaxing in the back yard and asked if she could play with her new fire hydrant sprinkler.

Oh, all right....  I hooked up the fire hydrant (which has a goofy face on it, of course) and set her loose while I cleaned up the painting mess.

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