Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cousin convention June 2012, part 3

The last day of the cousin convention was so much fun....  It began with an Uncle-Nephew dance party.  First, they had to find Peter's favorite song on the silly farm-themed fridge toy:

Then, they boogied like champs.

We invited Ike over for a sprinkler/pool/water table party.  Petey and Ikey remind me so much of each other that it was really fun to get them together-- we figured that either they would be best friends or they'd fight like cats and dogs.  They were a bit wary of each other at first, but then they had a great time.

Oh, Charlotte....  You are such a funny little girl!!  

If a kid is wearing sunglasses, everything he/she does is automatically 10 times cuter.  I love Petey's shades!

Sonia loves her jungle pool!  And I love that swimsuit....

Warming up in the sun....  Thank goodness for sunblock!

A meeting of the minds in the jungle pool....

PIZZA!!  (Don't worry-- Sonia didn't eat that entire piece all by herself!  I shared it with her.)

Post-lunch shenanigans... Ikey and Petey both put on their cool-dude shades and raced around the house like loons.

Ikey always loves to hang out with cute older girls....

Before Charbunkle and Pizza-Pie headed back to TN, the kids all snuggled up together to watch Huckle Cat solve mysteries in Busy Town.  I love the serious looks on their faces....  Such a funny little group of goofballs.

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