Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gearing up for the Olympics?

Sonia ended the spring session of gymnastics with a bang....  First she showed off her willingness to walk on the balance beam all by herself:

Then, she showed how she can get her feet up to the bar and hang like a monkey.

Then, she decided to act creepy during the "awards ceremony".  

Ike looks like a champion!

Sonia, who got embarrassed when we wouldn't let her cut in line, started getting all crabby and refused to let Coach Beth put her medal on and pose on the blue block.

Ike?  Champion.  Lily?  Champion.  Sonia?  Pouter.

But, she recovered and ran right over to get her beloved stamps.

On a random note: Earlier this month, we were at the Cosley Zoo, and this horse was playing around with a box.  Of course, he stuck his head in and started wandering around his enclosure.  Sosini and I were highly amused!

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