Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cousin convention June 2012, part 2

Miraculously, all 3 kids slept really well the whole visit....  I am so happy we seem to be moving beyond the days of yore when my sister and I were zombies every time we got our kids together because Petey and Sonia would decide that sleeping had gone out of style.  On Thursday morning, the kids started out with a rousing game of doctor:

After we got the kids dressed (via the assembly line, of course), we took them to Monkey Joe's to have a blast, jumping their hearts out.  We didn't bother taking any still pictures there because the lighting makes it impossible to capture anything but blurs.  I still need to edit the billions of short videos we took with the Flip video there, because the world needs to see the wackiness that is Charbunkle, Petey, and Sosini at MJ's.  Somehow, we didn't take any pictures during the rest of the day, either.  Huh.  From what I remember, Petey took a nap, the girls played in the basement, and all was well.

Anyway, on Friday morning, we took the kids to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center.  Sonia and I love that place so much, and Grandma JoJo, Charlotte, & Peter decided they loved it, too.

Peter spent the entire time inhaling Cheerios as fast as he could:

I love this cute cousin picture!

Hey, it's a woodchuck!

The kids would like to make sure the adults understand that the sign applies to the animals, not the kids.

Grandma JoJo and her Pizza-Pie (who is still mowing through Cheerios)!

The kids always love this hilarious little butterfly observation house....

More Cheerios!

The kids loved these little chairs....  Now everyone is snacking!  Good thing, too, because I forgot our lunches at home.  WHOOPS!

After we got home and lunched, Petey went down for a nap and the girls hung out with me & Grandma JoJo as we waited for Niki to get back from Michigan (having made an offer on a house!!).  They thought my light-up 10x magnifying mirror was hilarious....

And they enjoyed making some beautiful beaded jewelry!

After Niki got home, we poured over the 98 (!!) pictures she had taken of the house that she & Corey had decided to buy.  It is beautiful, and I can't wait to see it in person!  Luckily, Niki & the kids got to stay around for another day of fun before they headed back to Tennessee to start the long packing process.  Blog post to come....

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