Tuesday, January 12, 2010

8 months young: a state of the baby address

Holy cow-- Sonia is EIGHT MONTHS OLD. How did that happen?!? Did someone speed up the rotation of the earth?

The Great Sosini is such a great little girl! Her smiles and giggles make any fussy times or diaper blowouts seem not so bad. My little buddy finds new ways to make me laugh every day-- today, while we were driving to story time, she was sitting in her car seat randomly giggling and squealing. I have no idea why or how, but she was cracking herself up!

Sosi is doing much better with solid food. She eats a total of roughly one "stage 2" tub per day (usually some fruit, some vegetables, and some cereal), and she's even getting pretty good at getting those little puff thingies in her mouth all by herself. Too bad she doesn't really like the texture of puffs all that much! Her new favorite food is teething biscuits (which seem to be helping a bit with tooth #2). I don't think she's getting much nutrition from the tiny amounts she ingests, but she enjoys nomming on her "cookies" and making a ridiculous mess.

Li'l Sissy sleeps through the night at least 5 times a week. I was just talking to Carol about how it seems like everybody has a different definition of "sleeping through the night". Does it count as "through the night" if Sonia wakes up at 5am when she normally wakes up at 7am? Does it count if she wakes up and cries but is able to go back to sleep on her own without intervention on our part? I have definitely heard of babies who sleep both better and worse than Sonia, so I would consider her sleeping abilities to be about average.

Her obsession with the cats continues.... Margie and Bobo are surprisingly good sports about it!

Sosini loves to be around other babies and kids.... Her "stranger danger" anxiety isn't too bad-- as long as she is around a person for at least 20-30 minutes before that person attempts to hold her, she's actually okay being held by people other than her mum and dad. Speaking of her daddy, Sonia's absolute favorite time of day is when Andrew walks through the door. She smiles as wide as the Grand Canyon and waves her arms wildly, anticipating snuggles from her tall, handsome father.

Andrew and I love our little eight month old baby!


Anonymous said...

Oh Erin - she is just adorable - I can't get over her cutie-pie-ness ;0) 8 Months - wow!!! Lots of love from Az! Julie

JLo said...

Happy 8 months birthday Sosi! (and yes eek, I know that means only 4 months left for me!).

She is so cute, I just love it! Can't wait to hang out again soon.

Susan M. Nelson said...

8 month old def. of sleeping through the night: soothing themselves and not waking me up between the hours of 12-6. (: That is my 2 cents.

stephanie said...

She is so adorable! They get to be so much fun at this age! Enjoy every minute!