Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sonia and her Murray buddies

"Seriously? That's all you got? I was expecting entertainment like dancing girls and fireworks. You're gonna have to work much harder than that to make me crack a smile."

"Can you show me how to work this fun ball popper toy? I'm not sure, but I think the smiley face ball that is from a completely different toy might fit in this as well. No? Now Carol has to take the toy apart with a screwdriver to rescue the smiley face ball? Let's try again. Whoops-- we're gonna need the screwdriver again...."

"Hey! Why is my mommy schnuggling that Kieran guy? And why is he wearing a blue version of the outfit I have on?"

"Well, fine then! I'll schnuggle with Kieran's mommy! I love Carol. And The Count. But mostly Carol."

"I am SO embarrassed that my dad is grilling Aidan about his future. Can't Aidan and I go on a date without my father getting all up in my boyfriend's business? I really hope Aidan doesn't tell my dad about his plans to become a pirate when he grows up....."

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