Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sonia Balogna

Sonia had a lot of fun this weekend.... My "cousins" Ryan & Brittany came to visit, and she put on a good show for them (giggling, crawling, eating solid food, being fussy, taking a bath, etc.) to make sure they got the full Great Sosini experience.

She got some great schnuggles from Brittany-- just look at the smile on that crazy baby's face!

Ryan and Sonia had a wild arm waving competition, but I'm not sure who won....

Sosi wanted them to stay for longer!

She's making strides in the "standing while holding onto something" department. Don'tcha just love babies in overalls?

She's also making great strides in the crawling department! She scootches backwards pretty well. It's so funny!

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The Lease Family said...

I love reading your blog as I get to see all the stages Rose will be going through in the next few months. Plus, the baby modeling those stages is so darn cute!

She is really holding herself up well! Before long she is going to be toddling around.