Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby, it's coooooooold outside

Sonini and I are so bummed this morning. First of all, it's yucky-cold outside. Like, temperature in the teens, not wanting to leave the house unless it's to buy dark chocolate, Margie Cat sleeping on the heating vents cold. Second of all, we miss Andrew. During the last two weeks, we got to be with him for 5 full days in a row during our Texas trip, and then for 4 full days in a row this past New Year's weekend. We were so spoiled!! We did lots of cooking, baking, playing, singing, dancing, and hanging around. Now, Sosi and I have 5 long days stretching ahead of us where if she's lucky and Andrew is able to make his normal train (as opposed to working late), she'll get to see him for 15 minutes every night before she goes to bed. I get to see Andrew for about 2 1/2 hours every evening before I, too, must go to bed. It's just not enough! We need to start playing the lottery so that we can win and Andrew can stay at home with us.

To cheer us up, I made Sonia a drum set out of two metal mixing bowls and two wooden spoons. The little drummer girl isn't interested in doing much more than waving the spoons in the air and trying to eat the bowls.

Sonia and her daddy, playing around and generally being goofy:

It's too cold to go play outside, even with her cozy fleece hoodie outfit.

Not interested in banging on the drums.... When I demonstrated for her, Margie Cat and Bobo Cat got very disturbed and ran away.

She may be bummed about the cold weather and missing her daddy, but she's more than happy to smile for the camera. What a ham!!!


Zozo's Mom said...

Yeah, we're in the same boat here. It stinks when the husbands go back to work . . . sigh.

Susan M. Nelson said...

aThanks for the encouragement, Erin. (:
We are missing daddy over here as well. Holidays are such a treat but it is good to know we are not alone.