Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby, be of use (part II)

Folding laundry (more like pulling it out of the basket and waving it around while yelling, "Ba-ba-ga-ma-ba!")

Putting away groceries (actually, I believe she might be re-organizing the pantry)

The housework lessons continue.... Next up, scooping the kitty litter (at least if she has her way)!


Niki said...

LOVE THAT OUTFIT!!! Of course it's one you gave to Charbunkle once upon a time.

Please send Sonia here. I have much much laundry that needs to be folded and a horribly messy pantry that needs all sorts of reorganization. Does she also do windows?

ErinM said...

Oh yeah-- she totally does windows. By "do windows", you mean smear them with fingerprints and drool, right?

The Lease Family said...

Hey, is that some hair I see growing on the adorable head?