Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wanted: Warm Weather

Sonia is all ready for summer-- she has a swim suit, a sun hat, sunblock, and the desire to crawl EVERYWHERE!

We've been teased with good weather a few times so far this spring, but I have lived in the Midwest long enough now to know that we're probably not done with wintry weather yet.... Tomorrow, Sosi and I are going to take advantage of a 78 degree, partly cloudy day and have a fun picnic lunch with the Olejniks at the Morton Arboretum. This past weekend, we scrubbed and re-sealed our rooftop deck (it's over the garage, right off of our master bedroom) so that Bobo, Margie, Sosini, and I can play out there. It's kind of like a big playpen! And this afternoon, I took Sonia out to crawl around in grass for the first time-- she was really suspicious of that prickly green stuff!

Speaking of green stuff, The Great Sosini's new favorite food is dill pickles. She likes to nom on them until they're mushy, but she doesn't actually chew and swallow pieces of them. I think she needs a few more teeth first. Tooth #5 is still hanging out, right under the surface, but it still hasn't broken through. Pop out already, you silly tooth!


The Lease Family said...

What a beautiful swimsuit model you have there. :)

Joslyne said...

I adore this picture. ADORE. I want Sosi to be my beach buddy!

JLo said...

I love that she loves pickle juice!