Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moving and Nomming

Sonia continues to pull up to a standing position every single chance she gets, and she crawls faster and faster every day. She can't sit still! One of her favorite things to do is to stand up and then take a couple of noms on whatever it was she just used to pull herself up. Now that she has 4 teeth (and I think I feel a 5th about to appear), she can do some serious nomming damage! Oh, Sonia....

She looks so proud of her new mobility!

Every once in a while, she sits still long enough to inspect a toy or two, but then she moves on to her next adventure.

She LOVES my cell phone. Every once in a while, I lock the keypad and let her press the buttons. Oh, how she loves buttons. I have to hover and keep her from sticking the phone in her mouth, though!

"You think I'm going to play with your cell phone without trying to nom it? Fuggedaboutit!"


JLo said...

Looooove that last shot!

What is it with kids and things with buttons that light up?

She is going to walking before you know it, go Sonia!

The Lease Family said...

Ah yes, the pulling up and nomming. All our couches have a good layer of baby drool on the edges. And any one who sits down near her better watch out or their knee is going to get wet. :)

I love that last picture. lol!