Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to Andrew!

Sonia would like to wish her fabulous father a very happy birthday!

I had to take this Sosi-gram picture with her in her high chair because she is way too mobile now! I couldn't get her to sit still long enough (or stop trying to steal the sign).

Anyway, happy birthday to my husband! He and I have been together since August 1999 (we were married in April 2004), so he has been putting up with me for over 10 years now. Through thick and thin, every bump in the road that we encounter brings us closer together. I would not have made it through the loss of our beloved Zachary Evan without Andrew's love and support. He is my best friend and the one with whom I will happily grow old. I love you, Andrew!

I could not imagine a more perfect daddy for Sonia.... She loves him sooooooooo much! One of these days, I'm going to have Andrew record (via Flip video) Sonia's happy reaction when she first sees him upon his arrival home every evening. I never knew a baby could smile so wide, squeal so excitedly, and wave her arms so crazily.

Andrew may only get to spend 15 minutes a night during the week and weekends with his daughter, but he is amazingly in tune with her schedule. On the weekends, I can take off for a couple of hours to do the shopping for the week (Sosi and I have such a full dance card these days that we don't have much time for mid-week errands), and he knows exactly when to feed her and put her down for naps. Part of it is that he knows what I typically do (he listens better than I give him credit for!), and part of it is that he is really, really good at reading Sonia's signals. I brag to anyone who will listen about the three days Sosi and Andrew spent alone together in January.... What a fantastic daddy!! This picture cracks me up because of the amused expression he has on his face while watching his silly little girl have fun on the beach.

I love the way Andrew's mind works-- Sonia has so much fun with him! I put her in a shoe box (because I have that baby-in-a-box addiction), and Andrew started pushing it around like a little choo-choo train. This past weekend, when Andrew's parents came to visit (more pictures from all the fun we had to be posted later), I took a two-hour nap because I had a horrible bout of insomnia on Friday night. I woke up to find that while I was peacefully snoozing upstairs, Andrew had been giving Sosi drum lessons on his drum practice pad. BWAHAHAHA!!!

We love you, Andrew/Daddy!


Joslyne said...

Happy birthday Andrew!!!

Julie said...

He sure is a great daddy!! Happy B-day Andrew...Hugs from Arizona - Julie

The Lease Family said...

You truly have a great man. Happy birthday Andrew.

Niki said...

That is such a sweet post. You are a lucky gal!